Good News - We're Hiring!

Are you looking for an opportunity to do the best work of your life? We're currently looking for a few great people! If you're interested in joining our team, the position(s) are linked below.

Buzzsprout Content Creator   StreamCare Account Manager

We value life on and off the clock

Our Values

We work each day to improve our products, people, and company.

This isn’t about perfection; instead it’s a realization that nothing at Higher Pixels will ever be finished. Our software can always be faster, more intuitive, marketed to new people. Our team members can always learn new skills, work together more effectively, connect better with our customers. The company can always find new ways to support a healthy work-life balance, attract the best people, make the work we do more life giving.

This continuous improvement is what we’re striving for each day. It’s why we look forward to Monday morning. Let’s make things better!

We take the time to find the best solution.

We pursue simple and elegant solutions to seemingly complex problems. We struggle to find the right mixture of accuracy and effectiveness. We say no to a lot of good ideas so we can focus on the great ones and sweat the details. The goal is the scarce output, the creative uniqueness that we’re all capable of.

Success here produces pride in our work, delight for our customers, and a solution that seems obvious to all.

Every team member is a team leader.

We don’t rely on “management” to set goals or “oversight” to ensure execution. Everyone sets the tone, helps determine what needs to get done, and pushes each other by pushing themselves.

This is independence, not individualism. Decisions are weighed not only on the impact to oneself, but the overall team. We’re motivated knowing that others are counting on us to do our best work. We serve and make sacrifices for each other and our customers.

We respect one another, our culture, and our office.

Each individual is a valuable part of this team. We treat each other with respect and expect our customers to do the same. As a company we aim for your work to be fulfilling, not life consuming.

We share these benefits and yoked responsibilities; protecting what makes us unique and caring for the place we do it.

We demonstrate remarkable ethical integrity.

Principled, honest, transparent, trustworthy, dependable, kind, and sincere are qualities we strive to embody. We trust principles over profit and seek long term health over short term gains. As a company, our intentions are not to simply avoid the wrong things, but to actively seek what is right.

We aim high.